Precautions Against Covid-19 Inside and Outside the Facilities

– All staff will receive hygiene training, which will be repeated every two years.
– All staff, including the management, will be tested against Covid-19 before opening the hotel.
– Health of the staff will be continuously monitored to see if there are Covid-19 symptoms.
– All staff arriving to the facilities from outside will be checked before entering the premises.
– Body temperature of all staff will be conducted and recorded twice a day.
– Our staff will be serving our guests with personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves.
– Staff uniforms will be washed daily according to hygiene standards.
– Staff dining times will be arranged in shifts, and dining areas will be regularly disinfected.
– Rest areas will be designed to ensure social distancing.
– Staff shuttles will be disinfected at the end of the day.
– Staff lodging areas will be disinfected with ozone and ULV.
– A Covid-19 tracking department, under the supervision of the CEO, will be initiated.

– Guests’ temperatures will be measured and recorded upon entry. Those with body temperatures above 37 degrees will        be directed to local health facilities.
– Guests will be provided with gloves and masks upon arrival.
– Guests will be given a hygiene and precautions handbook.
– Guests’ luggage will be disinfected before being let into the facilities.
– Measures will be taken to monitor guests’ health regularly and to control any potential spread of the virus.

– Furniture in the reception and reception desks will be disinfected every 2-3 hours.
– Check-ins will be done using signs to ensure social distancing.
– Keys and key cards will be given to guests after disinfection.

– Hand disinfection stations will be provided in common areas.
– Sitting areas will be rearranged according to social distancing measures.
– Elevators will be disinfected daily.
– All floors will be disinfected.
– Signs will be posted according to social distancing measures.
– Objects such as door handles and cutlery will be disinfected and labelled accordingly after disinfection.
– Disinfection with Ozone and ULV will be done twice a week.
– Sun-loungers will be arranged according to social distancing measures, and all will be disinfected at the end of the day.
– Tables in the main restaurant will be arranged according to social distancing measures. Tables, charis and cutlery will be disinfected before use.
– There will be no animation to protect our guests’ health.

– All points of contact, such as door and windows knobs and handles, light switches, TV and A/C remotes, phones, hair driers, closet lids, furniture, bed bases, will be disinfected with appropriate chemicals.
– There will be control lists on commonly-used bathroom furniture, with the name of staff undertaking the cleaning recorded.
– First room cleaning will be undertaken with masks and gloves.
– DND (do not disturb) will not be permitted so that room cleaning and disinfection can be done on a daily basis.
– Rooms will be disinfected with ozone and ULV.
– Room textiles will be washed at 90 degrees, and guests will be notified via information forms.
– Decorationary pillows and runners will not be used.

– Tables will be placed outdoors as much as possible.
– Tables will be arranged according to social distancing measures.
– The maximum number of chairs per table will be four.
– In the open buffets, waiting areas will be designated according to social distancing measures.
– Plates, cutlery and service will be provided by staff with masks and gloves.
– Napkins and cutlery will be served in a packaged, protected manner.
– Cooked food will be preferred (to uncooked food) as much as possible.
– Tables, chairs and child seats will be disinfected after each use.
– Guests will be informed on food and beverage consumption outside hotel premises.
– Immune-system boosting food and beverages will be regularly served.

– Floors, surfaces and kitchen equipment will be disinfected every 2 hours.
– Interdepartmental entry and exit of staff will be recorded.
– Every food entering the kitchens will be disinfected with suitable disinfectants.
– Special attention will be given to washing of vegetables and unfreezing of meat, poultry and fish.
– Kitchen equipment will be sterilized more frequently, and with autoclave.
– Hygiene pools will be placed on kitchen entry and exit points.
– Swabs and samples will be undertaken separately for each meal.
– Measures will be taken towards good hygiene and good production (GHP, GMP) during the food preparation and production stages.

– Goods will be stored in shelves with dates of purchase recorded.
– Disinfection at the suppliers will be ensured and recorded.
– Goods will be sent to departments according to the FIFO principle.
– Suppliers will be inspected weekly by the quality control staff to make sure they are taking the necessary precautions.

Additional supplier precautionary measures:

  1. Supplier health checks
  2. Hygiene controls of supplier production and storage areas.
  3. Vehicle disinfections.
  4. Supplier staff hygiene controls.

– Pool areas will be expanded, with sun loungers arranging according to social distancing measures.
– Sun loungers will be cleaned and disinfected by beach staff after each use.